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What do you get when you cross a Stealth Fighter Jet with a single speed bike? You get the B-9 Nh Black Edition Urban Stealth Bicycle ($8700). The bike was inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk aircraft. It features a carbon fiber frame and fork, one piece carbon stem-handlebar, BME Design’s unique carbon S72 Saddle system […]

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Loopwheels are different from spoked wheels. They look, feel and perform differently. You will be used to a wheel being a rigid thing, Loopwheels have flexibility in them in order to provide vibration reduction. The hub moves within the rim as the springs flex. The whole wheel acts as a flexible moving system which constantly adjusts to the load it carries and the obstacles it encounters.
For me, base on this design, as long as you can maintain the hub to be: ground to hub distance would always be greater than the hub to the horizontal distance (radius) to the rim. then you should be fine. .


I started to remove the bike and it came out easily. I began removing the padding and cutting zip ties. Everything looked great although I was a bit concerned as there were no instructions included. Upon further unpacking, I could easily see there were minor steps to assembly which became self explanatory. I screwed in the right peddle and a small bearing fell into my hand. I called the number on the bike and explained the situation. In under 10 mins, a new peddle was on its way free of charge. I completed the assembly and took it for a test drive. The bike felt solid and drove like a champ! This is going to be a fun bike to use on the trails!! Bike arrived yesterday, so I put it together last night, and attempted to ride it. The gears don't change properly, and the chain constantly runs on the chain guard. Tries to adjust the gears, but to no avail. I got it close but either the chain runs while pedalling l, or the gears don't move to the next sprocket when the trigger is pulled... I'm going to try again tonight after work, bit I'd like to talk to the seller a out this issue.... a brand new bike out of the box should change gears.... I think.
(My comments are "my opinion" only, please do not take it negatively. I did not see this in person, so I COULD BE WRONG. Comments are base on my mechanical behavior experience) francm April 18, 2013 07:42 AM

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If you don't mind...what are the full specs of your wheels/tires? I'm just wondering because I have the X model and I know the widths and everything will be slightly different and no staggering for me. I think your setup looks great considering no drop, but I don't know how it would compare to an X model with no staggering or spacers etc.
Find your perfect set of wheels. Choose from hundreds of wheel models from some of the world's top aftermarket wheel brands.

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The wheelchair application seems to run straight into the eternal problem with sprung wheels. Without dampers, they bounce badly, as sometimes seen in tractors fitted with buckets on a bad road. With dampers, they have very high rolling resistance. I tire needs enough flex to meet the ground, but any further suspension should be on the axle. Lardo January 30, 2018 06:00 PM

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"Andy Weston advised and fitted my mother's power chair with the lead OT at RNOH Stanmore in 2018. He has subsequently come to her nursing home to fit a different safety belt and we found him enormously helpful and patient. His knowledge of the most suitable equipment was extensive and he sourced and had the new chair delivered ahead of the exp … "

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    Loopwheels are designed to help you push over uneven streets, cobbles, grass, rough tracks and gravel paths, with less effort.

    The Recumbent Cycle-Con has been rescheduled for October 7, 8-9, 2002, at The Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, Ohio!. As always, you’ll get the chance to see the newest recumbent bikes, trikes, and tandems, as well as ride all the new models on our Outdoor Demo Riding Arena. The Recumbent Cycle-Con is part of Cycle-Con Weekend, which include the Adaptive Cycling Expo, Bicycle Tour & Travel Expo, and the Electric Cycle-Con.
    Loopwheels ($300+) give you that comfortable ride you’ve been looking for. If you have a folding commuter bike like a Dahon Mu Uno, which doesn’t come with its own suspension system, then you neeed to take a look at Loopwheels. These suspension wheels allow you take bumps, curbs, and potholes in comfort with reduced vibration. The Loopwheel doesn’t fit every bike. It’s a 20″ wheel with specific clearance requirements, so check out their Kickstarter page to see if your bike is an option.

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    REDLIRO Kids/Adults Scooter with Rear Break, Adjustable Handlebars, Big Wheels, Shock Absorption, Double Suspension - Folding Sport Kick Scooters for Teens Boys

    Shock resistant caster Material: PP wheel bonded to elastic rubber Size:100mm x 32mm ; 125mm x 35mm Load:110kg,150kg Bearing: Roller Bearing Purpose:Shock resistant casters,Shock proof casters,Industry caster wheels,trolley casters
    Bolt hole sandwich casters Material: PP wheel bonded to elastic rubber Size:100mm x 32mm ; 125mm x 35mm Load:110kg,150kg Bearing: Roller Bearing Purpose:Shock resistant casters,Shock proof casters,Industry caster wheels,trolley casters

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    Designer, Inventor, Co-Founder. Creative. Brilliant. Determined. Irreverent. And grumpy.

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    Monitor instantaneous horsepower readings, steering angle measurements, personal records and more—all in a customizable dashboard.
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“First of all, it is symmetric to absorb shock in any direction," Rozanes told From the Grapevine. "Second, selective suspension means if you drive normally on flat surfaces, there’s no suspension unless encountering an obstacle."

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Quicker shift times, a tightened suspension, a 30/70 torque split and sport-tuned stability control empower TRX with the optimal performance-truck setup on paved surfaces.

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So what's the alternative? Better keep your large-diameter, low-profile alloy wheel and tire set for the summer months, when the frost heaves have quit poking Buick-sized boulders through the road surface. From late October to the first of May, consider investing in a winter wheel and tire package, including steel wheels in a slightly smaller diameter than the 19-inchers that may come on your car.

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